San Gimignano

Welcome to the charming medieval small town of San Gimignano!
The towered village of San Gimignano is located on a hill overlooking Valdelsa, at an altitude of 324 m. Populated since the time of the Etruscans, it won fame and power at the end of the Middle Ages thanks to its location along one of the richest and most flourishing roads of the time: the pilgrim route to Rome or Francigean Way.
Its glorious medieval past is witnessed by the 15 remaining towers and by the building works dating back to the municipal time, as for example the double city wall, the two gates, the two fountains, the churches as well as the several public and private buildings present in the charming Piazza della Cisterna and the fascinating Piazza del Duomo.
As in the Middle Ages, San Gimignano remains still today an artisan and middle-class small town, especially characterized by the country tradition. In fact the most important revenues come from land and agricultural produce, in particular from wine, oil and saffron.

Not to mention the charming romantic atmosphere of the ancient times characterizing this small town with its squares and narrow shady alleys, as well as the proud strong spirit you can perceive observing the careful preservation of the old town centre that represents a tourist national and international destination not to miss... you have no choice but to visit it!!



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